I miss my Daddy…

The FightI know it’s a pretty savage painting, let me give  you some background on it… I was sixteen or seventeen when I painted it.  My Dad worked for the Forest Service and some of his fire crew wanted this painted from a little cartoon they  had found.  This was back in the late seventies.  From what I remember they were supposed to pay me…I think my Dad was the one that actually did.  Back then the Forest Service actually cut down trees and took care of the forest…I guess that’s for another blog….anyways paul bunyan was the example of the big Mill companies.  They don’t fight anymore, the mills are all shut down and the forests pretty much just burn now.  It was a fun painting to paint!!!  I remember I put it in the local fair, they took it down…I remember how upset my Dad was!!!  He put it back up.  My Dad was my hero.  He really encouraged me to paint. He went to live with Jesus almost four years ago.  Man, I sure miss him.


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